The balloon floats to the mother’s funeral and stops as the soul comforts the mother (Photos)

At the funeral of the child, the balloon floats to the mother to stop. The soul comforts the mother (Photos)

February 16, 2016 10:35

Recently, at the funeral of a child in the Philippines, something awkward happened. Trebby, a 7-year-old child of the Filipino woman Alamares, passed away in the near future and the family gave him a funeral. At the funeral vigil, Alamares cried, and hung in the white balloon in front of the child’s coffin. Suddenly a balloon floated out and slowly floated to the mother’s side to stop. This scene shocked everyone, and thought of the child’s soul to comfort the mother. Alamares cried with a balloon.

It happened in September 2015, after the death of the 7-year-old Trebby, the family gave him a funeral in the church. A white coffin surrounded by flowers and balloons, and a portrait of Trebby.

In the balloon pile, one of them suddenly began to float on the bench of the church.

Ms. Alamares whispered on the bench, and Trebby’s siblings reminded her of the balloon.

The balloon slowly floated over Ms. Alamares’s head and slammed her away.

Alamares’s crying turned into a cry, and the balloon suddenly changed direction and stayed behind her, nudging her head.

She started to follow the balloon, hugged it, and seemed to feel the child floating in front of her.

She cried aloud, and before she left the balloon, it continued to float beside her for a while until she put the rope in the seat next to her.

At this time, a second balloon floated through the gallery to Trebby’s brothers and sisters.

The balloon stopped between them and seemed to be saying goodbye.

Afterwards, the family decided to release the video. The mother said that this is a touching shot. “I am willing to believe that this is his last mission, telling the world his great love.” Since the video was uploaded on November 2, 2015, it has exceeded 69000 praises and 22000 comments. . Netizens expressed their willingness to understand that this is the spirit of the little boy.