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Information for you.2014年5月23日 金曜日 午前7:54
From: “yoshiyuki_satou steelalloy.co.uk” <yoshiyuki_satou steelalloy.co.uk>
Greetings. How are you?
I work as a new hires manager in a international company. We are
currently looking for smart and reliable responsible newhires who
couldrepresent our company in in your city.
You don’t need any special skills or any investments to begin our
partnership. In the beginning of your engagement there is a learning
period of 3 weeks. During this educational you will learn how to prepare
the documents, conclude contracts and conduct negotiations. You will
also receive a diploma on completing the training in the framework of
our organization.
In the process of our work together you will take part in interesting
seminars and career enhancement training. In just 2 years you will learn
how to manage a group of employees and will become the head of a branch
at first your salary will be 11,500$ per month + monthly premiums. Your
work schedule will be completely flexible. Altogether, you will not
spend more than 7 hours a week.
We only make this offer to the people who were recommended to us. Do not
miss your your opportunity of becoming a director in an well-known
company. All details you can obtain by writing us to the following
emailaddress: maryjacksones yahoo.co.jp
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