近代五種 ドイツ選手 駄馬ではない

Modern Pentathlon German athlete Not a bad horse

Not a bad horse. I’ll add it in that horse’s honor. The loaned horses have been prepared since around February. Originally, they gathered horses that were specialized for jumping, called “jumps horses,” and had a selection test, then once they passed, they had to train for the Olympic course, then another selection, and then a month-long training camp for the Olympics. In short, the horses are taught to run almost the same course as on the day of the event, but with different riders. Then there are final and last minute selections, and reserve horses are prepared. A lot of people don’t know about dressage, but the five modern obstacles are lower than the big obstacles, and the course is less difficult. So, as long as you point your horse at the obstacle, it will automatically measure the distance, set its stride, and jump on its own. You don’t know this, do you? You think that horses are controlled by people, don’t you? It’s a professional horse, and it’s been taught an equivalent course. It’s the Olympics, and there’s going to be a lot of rowdy foreigners, and they’re not going to give you a horse with a lot of quirks.

So the assumption is that you can just sit back and clear the course. It’s not a gacha or anything. The only thing that has been said is that the people who do the Modern Pentathlon are too busy and their level of dressage is too low. They don’t understand that if they ride quietly, they can take the horse to the finish line, so they are too afraid to get in the way of the horse and fail. That’s why all the riders hate dressage and always complain that it’s the horse’s fault, so many people think they should be removed.

And that horse is a very good horse. You can see it in the video. It was going so fast and automatic. When the first Russian rode it, it was fine, but the Russian wasn’t very good at it, so he was so scared that he yanked on the reins right before the jump, throwing the horse off balance. So the horse was prevented from jumping and couldn’t jump (treated as a refusal). The jockey got angry and whipped the horse, even though he should have started over. A sudden slap after the horse had almost stopped is just abuse and hurts the horse. The horse forgave the jockey because it was only one whip, and tried to move on, but he couldn’t fly again because his mouth hurt from the jockey’s grip on the reins and his balance was shaky. Then the Russian jockey snapped. I couldn’t watch him whip the horse anymore. The horse just kept backing up, not because he refused, but because he was hit so hard he didn’t know what to do. He was whipped forward while the reins were pushed back. What kind of torture is that? And the horse’s spirit was broken. The Russian was finally disqualified, and the horse was relieved when he came back.

After all that happened, it was the German’s turn. Why don’t they report on the Russians and blame the horses?

One more thing that people don’t know. In the horse world, there is a custom that if a horse fails, an old coach comes out and bullies the horse in the backyard to get him fired up. So when the German went out to the ring, that horse was completely panicked because of all the things that were being done to him. Once in the ring, the old man couldn’t touch him, so he should have encouraged the horse to pull himself together and ride carefully. I was panicking, but the horse gave in and started running again. The horse knew his job. The horse knew his job, but the idiot jockey was just like the old man, just like the Russian. He was crying like an idiot about his medal, beating the horse, jerking the reins, and had nothing but hatred for the horse. How can you hit a horse like that? She cried like she cared about herself even when she made the horse run into the obstacle. What if the horse was injured?

I’m sorry it took so long. I just want you to know that there are people out there who are shocked that foreigners, who did such a cruel thing to a horse that they loved and trained to be top-notch, would try to bring even more disgrace to the horse.

近代五種 ドイツ選手 駄馬ではない